Our Musicans & Director

The Heartbeat of The Choir

Trenon Graham, started playing drums, singing and playing percussion with the Grammy Awarding winning group, The Sounds of Blackness.He has performed with Janet Jackson, Karen White, Alexander O’Neil, Boyz II Men and toured worldwide.

Trenon has also performed on TV shows such as Arsenio Hall, Jay Leno, The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, and several BBC networks.

He has been featured in Drummer magazine and is currently endorsed by Pro Mark drumsticks.

Today, Trenon is currently working with the Twin Cities Gospel Choir and the Shelby Brass Band in addition to doing recording session work with KOO as well as others.

Trenon says..."I love the Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir choir because they are very spiritual, energetic, and they sing with power and spirit."  

Keyboards and Track Rhythms

Ed Newman, started playing keyboards at the age of 7 and started performing professionally at the age of 11 years old.

He has performed with the Thompson Community Singers and New City Mass Choir.

Ed has recorded many gospel songs and albums with Dr. Charles D. Hayes founder of the Chicago Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer.

Ed is currently producing songs and soundtracks, performs for several choirs and churches in the Twin Cities and is a choir director.

Ed said,..."I love the choir and their energy. When we perform live, it is very welcoming and spiritual".